A fun logo merging the concepts of a "Pomodoro" (Italian for "tomato") and a timer for productivity web app, Pomodorize.me.

Strong “Pan Am style” logo design for off-shore processing center, Waquis, Inc.

Catchy business card design for agri-plastics supplier, Osmium. We designed the entire brand based around "76" the atomic number of element Osmium.

Creative visual imagery in this logo design for copywriting shop, CRF group.

A 3D yin-yang is the core of this logo design symbolizing a synergistic partnership between the two founders Romel and Howe of e-commerce startup, Romel & Howe Ltd.

Dynamic 3D logo for interior furnishing company, Medley.

Shiny logo design for USA RV Club.

A visual pun forms the foundation of this logo design for Nigerian media communications firm, NetOrb.

Energetic flyer designs for e-commerce startup, Romel & Howe Ltd.

T-Shirt designs for animation-oriented operating system, Animux.

An elegant and meaningful logo for dating site, The Matrimonium.

A simple co-axial cable forms the basis of our rebrand for Mexican communications firm, Wimex.

PC Desktop wallpaper for distribution via CD inserts in local magazine.

A “still frame” from an educational video animation on machining processes done for a local Trade Fair.

Memorable and meaningful logo done for mobile check-in app, Jot Systems.

The challenging task of navigating the undulating roads on Indian highways is made less intimidating using simple and memorable shapes for logistics firm, A1movers.in.

PC Desktop wallpaper for distribution via CD inserts in local magazine.

Isolated view of one component of a hi-res iPhone app icon.

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